Five on the Farm

Here are some videos with helpful information about raising animals, growing crops, country crafts, homesteading, easy recipes, etc...

5 on the Farm: Charlotte's REAL Web and Baby Piglets
Our piglets on their 2nd morning on our farm, with a special visit from Charlotte the spider.

Brier Creek Family Farm - Fun Farm Facts
This was our first week of farm camp and our campers share interesting tidbits about farm animals at Brier Creek Family Farm.

Brier Creek Family Farm - Goat's Milk vs. Cow's Milk
Karema interviews Rosie of Brier Creek Family Farm of the benefits of goat's milk vs. cow's milk.

Brier Creek Family Farm - Kids working on the farm (Xavier)
Karema has a chat with Xavier about his chores at Brier Creek Family Farm.

Brier Creek Family Farm - Farm Egg FAQ
Rosie Bolin and Melody Hernandez talk to Karema about eggs when she visits Brier Creek Family Farm.

Summer Camp & Sheep Wool with Karema McGhee
One segment from a recent video series by Karema McGhee and The Echos Group. Karema interviews Melody Hernandez, one of our teachers and camp counselors, about our camps and the shearing/spinning process involved with sheeps' wool.

5 on the Farm - Egg Painting
How to blow and hand-paint eggs.

5 on the Farm: Baby Bunnies in our Garden
Here are Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail, but where's Peter...? These are our bunnies, who we let have occasional visits to the garden. Too cute not to share....

5 on the Farm - Weed Tea
How to make amazing, organic fertilizer from your weeds and other yard waste. If you make it to the end of the video, you get a bonus - we show off one of our 3-week-old bunnies. Too cute to miss!!

5 on the Farm: Building a $20 Pasture Fence out of Pallets
How to build a CHEAP but effective pasture fence out of pallets. This works best for small goats, sheep, poultry, etc..

5 on the Farm Pig Pen
How to build a CHEAP, large pig pen out of reused pallets.

5 on the Farm Homemade Laundry Detergent
This laundry detergent is VERY effective, and amazingly cheap to make. (About a penny a load!) Use 2/3 cup for load, or a little less if it's a light or lightly soiled load.

5 on the Farm: Chicken Tracto
The first video in our series, "5 on the Farm," featuring activities and animals on Brier Creek Family Farm.

5 on the Farm Hay Baling
Short video showing hay baling. The process takes at least 5 days, depending on the size of the property, equipment used, and number of people helping. Most importantly, you need 4 dry days between cutting and baling the hay. We had A LOT of help to get this done. Big thanks to Devon, Christine, and their team of friends and family for helping us fill our stable!!!

5 on the Farm: Field Fence
5 minute tutorial about putting up field fencing

Inexpensive Raised Bed Garden
How to make raised beds out of free wood pallets. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you aren't using a perforated liner, or something that allows water to drain, you'll need to, carefully, put holes in your plastic after stapling it to your pallets.

Making a Chicken Brooder out of Free Pallets
This brooder was made from free, reclaimed pallets. The screws, hinges casters and extra wood totaled $20. This can hold 50 pullets up to the age of 6 weeks, when they can be moved to an outside tractor.