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2014 Oct 14

2014 Brier Creek Family Farm Update

Hello all you farm fans!! It's been a long time between updates, sorry about that. We still get a lot of satisfaction from our farm, but things have changed. Both our boys, Riley & Adam, have grown older and have other interests now. They still help out on the farm, but it's no longer their main focus.

So to help Rosie and myself keep up with the farm, we've scaled things back. We no longer sell eggs, but still keep some hens for our own eggs. We no longer have cows or rabbits. For sheep, we only have two rams and one ewe now. We only have five goats, though some kids are due soon. We have five pigs, 2 VERY socialized male boars and 3 young female gilts. Our only addition to the farm is our donkey, Big Mac. Over last winter we lost about 10 animals, mostly sheep, but some goat to coyotes or coy wolves in the area. The donkey patrol the field and keeps those predators away.

We no longer do farm tours. You can alway contact us, we might say yes, but we are very busy. We continue to post video and pictures on our Facebook page and will soon start doing more FIVE ON THE FARM videos.

Stay tuned for updates. ;-)

2012 Oct 07

Saturday Classes

Get out your play boots, our Saturday classes are starting on October 13! A bushel basket of fun for kids 4-10 years old; every class will feature a farm-themed lesson, hands-on "critter" time, a take-home craft, and play/story/song time. These are in 3 hour blocks, and we will provide a healthy snack. We can't wait to share our farm family with your kids!

You'll find the section for classes by clicking on the classes icon on the left menu. Our first two classes are Scarecrow Saturdays (4 - 6) and Scarecrow Saturdays (7 - 10). You'll need to both register on our website and input your child's information in order to sign up for classes.

If you register more than one child for a class, please take note of the dropdown when adding to cart. This dropdown has an option for a $5 discount when registering more than one child for a class. The current class list goes through November with a number of fun choices. If you have any problems with registration, feel free to contact Lee at or call 919-473-FARM. Thanks...

2012 Sep 12

Let's Make a Deal

This week, a tragedy struck my homeschooling community. A mother of three beautiful children was struck down in a murder-suicide by her jealous ex-husband. I do not want to vilify him. Cleary, he would be mentally ill to perform such a horrific crime against his children and their mother. I do not want to attack the safety net she depended on, with holes big enough for her and her children to fall through. Instead, what I want to say is: "Be kind."

We all come across people in our daily lives who need. Our response depends on WHAT they need, WHY they need it, and HOW they became needy. If we decide they don't meet our criteria for "help," we easily turn our backs. Today, I can say through tears of regret: BE KIND! You may not be able to help the person. You can, however, brighten their "now."

If all I do, through my life, is brighten your "now," we both win! Starting with this moment, let's make a pact to be a little kinder, a little brighter and a little more open to bringing joy. What do we have to lose?

2012 Sep 11

We found Charlotte's Web Our piglets on their 2nd morning on our farm, with a special visit from Charlotte the spider.

2012 Jun 13

Day 3 of Summer Camp The kids have been having so much fun at camp, they wanted to share some of the fun facts they have learned in this video.

2012 Jun 07

Happy Campers We have a few spots left in our Summer Camps. We got such a huge response through Groupon, we decided to extend the discount, for the remaining spots, on our site.

Please, if you have already purchased a Groupon, contact us at You'll need to complete and sign the registration form. Also, everyone please remember to bring their groupons when they come to the first day of camp. Click for current farm camps

One segment from a recent video series. Karema interviews Melody Hernandez, one of our teachers and camp counselors, about our camps and the shearing/spinning process involved with sheeps' wool.

Welcome to our website

We run a small, family farm near the Brier Creek area of Raleigh, NC. We post regularly on our Facebook page: "The Road to Simplicity."

We were recently featured in an article written by the Food, Inc. folks. If you want to learn more about who we are, and how we get there, this gives a pretty good overview: Inspiration to Action.

Find our latest news on our Blog page. The following are some of our current interests and projects. I'll be posting more on them soon.

What we have on our farm changes almost daily. Here's an overview of some of what we have going on:


We raise a variety of dairy goats. Our breeds include Nigerian Pygmies, and crosses of Alpines and Nubians. We get many of our animals via Craigslist, and often they didn't "work out" at their previous home, so the pasture is something of the land of misfit toys. Funny, they all get along beautifully, even if a little adjustment is needed. At this point, we're trying to only breed the smaller pygmy goats, because they're much easier to fence and care for.


Raising Chickens for Eggs

We raise a wide variety of egg layers. All of our chickens are housed in mobile tractors, where they are protected on all sides from predators. The tractors are moved regularly to give them access to fresh grass.

Raising Sheep

We have two rams and one ewe currently.